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Meet Our Team

Board of Directors

  • Ginger Cato
  • Thomas Lippie
    Vice President
  • Gerry Murray
  • Dr. Kevin Cope
  • Manpreet Kaur
  • Anne Solar

Supervisors/Administrative Staff

  • Mary Carpenter
    Executive Director
  • Cari Ackerknecht
    Fiscal Director
  • Alice Burgado
    Office Coordinator
    Montgomery County Site
  • Cynthia Pollard

    Montgomery County Site

  • Rita Bravo
    Perry Street Community Residence Program Director
  • Tressa Rossi
    Washington Street Community Residence Program Director
  • Alice Burgado
    Food Pantry Coordinator
  • Denise Benton
    Youth Services Program Director
  • Kelley Gilligan
    Domestic Violence and Crime Victims Services Program Director
  • Vanessa Carey
    Community Resources Coordinator

Our Mission

Catholic Charities, a ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Albany, is committed to active witness on behalf of the Scriptural values of mercy and justice.

Catholic Charities, recognizing human need at all stages of life, responds to all persons regardless of race, creed, or lifestyle, with special emphasis on the economically poor and the vulnerable.

Catholic Charities serves and empowers persons in need, advocates for a just society, calls forth and collaborates with women and men of good will in fulfillment of its mission.